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Gosberton House | Care


Registered Manager – Adriana Afflorei

At Gosberton House we believe all our residents should enjoy the benefits and pleasures of living their lives as fully and as independently as they wish.

Gosberton House is a dual registered nursing and residential care home.


Each of our residents has their own individual care plan which is updated on a daily basis. Resident and relative involvement in these care plans is encouraged. The home uses a fully computerised care plan system.


The doctor visits the home regularly. Residents are accompanied on hospital and doctor’s visits when necessary.


An apartment is available for relatives to stay so they can be close to their loved one.


RESIDENTIAL CARE is for those who find it difficult to cope at home or need more help than their personal carers can provide at home. This 24 hour care provides the accommodation and all that it involves, meals and personal care – such as help bathing, dressing, laundry, cleaning, social and psychological needs.


NURSING CARE provides the same as the residential care but also has qualified nurses in attendance to provide 24 hour a day nursing care. Residents who join us as residential residents will automatically become nursing residents should their level of care needs change.


PALLIATIVE AND TERMINAL CARE is active, compassionate care of the chronically and terminally ill, directed at improving quality of life. Palliative care focuses on the control of pain and symptoms also psychological support for the patient and their loved ones. This is provided by specialist trained nurses and carers.


CONVALESCENT OR POST OPERATIVE CARE is a short term care for people recovering from illness or an operation.


RESPITE (SHORT TERM) CARE is usually for a short period of time so that personal carers can have a break. It is residential, nursing or whatever the needs of the resident are.


DAY CARE is available to anyone who would like to spend one or more days a week in the home. Maybe to give the family a break or just to come for a day out, socialise and have lunch.


Call us on 01775 840581 to speak to one of the team